Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Transfer Day!

TRANSFER DAY! And guess what? I'm still in Nochixtlan! Haha it was kind of a surprise but I am really excited. So Elder Peterson was called to be the new Assistant to the President. I'm so happy for him because he really deserves it. He is a great missionary and he is a perfect fit as assistant. That means I'm staying in Nochixtlan for what seems to be another 6 weeks. I'm excited because we are planning on having baptisms soon and my new companion is one of my best friends here on the mission. 

Elder Aguero is my new companion. He's from Utah and we're from the same generation. We're going home at the same time in January. It's going to be fun being companions with him. I have really been lucky with companions. Almost all of my companions have become really close friends.

On Saturday, Elder Peterson and I got permission to go to the temple. The branches from Huatulco had their temple trip and we both had converts that came to the temple for the very first time on Saturday. We started helping out as witnesses and doing confirmations in the baptistry and afterwards we did a session. It was so great to be able to go to the temple after not going for so long. It was even sweeter to see Remedios, one of my converts in Huatulco enter the temple for the first time to do baptisms. I know that through temples we can find peace and comfort in this life and eternal happiness with our families. 

As missionaries we leave our families for two years so that other families can be together forever. We had another incredible experience this past week. We were walking down a long street pretty quickly because we were running late. I started to hear a strange noise. I shrugged it off at first because I thought it was a goat doing that weird and funny yell that goats do. I ignored it, but I kept hearing it. It was getting closer and it was coming from behind us! We looked behind us and it was a 20 something year old girl literally running us down and yelling to get our attention! She saw that we finally noticed her and signaled for us to go talk to her. We got to her and she started trying to communicate with us in sign language. 

She was deaf and she couldn't talk. She pointed to the sky and made a book with her hands. We thought about it for a second and finally we got it. OH she wants a pamphlet! She went on to tell us that her dad was an angry person and that we couldn't talk to her in her house but she wanted us to teach her. I don't know how we understood all of that but I guess the gift of tongues works with sign language too. We asked her to show us where she lived and we made an appointment with her for another day. We wrote a few things down on paper because she can read and write perfectly, so that's how we communicated a little bit too. It was an experience that I'll never forget and it stunned me how bad she wanted to talk to us because she was running and yelling at us to get our attention. It's going to be interesting to teach her, but we also found out that her older brother knows sign language so he will be able to translate for us. 

I know that there are people everywhere in the world that the Lord is preparing to recieve the restored gospel. 

Love you all and thanks for supporting me every step of the way,
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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