Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Made it to Oaxaca!


President Madsen is letting me email home to tell you that I made it and I´m alright! We got into Oaxaca around 6:30 last night and we had pizza and met my trainer. My trainer is Elder Erickson and he is super tall and from Idaho. I totally lucked out because he is incredible, I'm going to learn so much from him. Like I suspected I'm staying here in an area in the city. I forgot what the area was called at the moment. 

Today I'm getting trained a little more with just some orientation like stuff here at the mission home then Elder Erickson and I are going to our house and settling in, then I don´t know what were going to do. I realized don´t know any Spanish...but some other guys said they didn't know anything when they first came and that I shouldn't worry about it. 

The minute I met my trainer, President called us to his office to meet with him. He basically told us that we are replacing a companionship who was just sent home for having an inappropriate relationship with a girl in the ward. So my new ward might not have such a great view of missionaries right now because rumors spread pretty quickly throughout the ward. I'm so glad that I have Elder Erickson leading the way because I am a deer in headlights right now.

So yeah I will be alright but wow if i already didn't realize, I do now...its going to be a the toughest few weeks of my life. But everyone says they love it here, so I just need to endure until I start getting the hang of everything. 

Love you!

Elder Smith

Oh yeah and I already have had those famous Oaxacan crickets. I forgot what they're called. Juicier than I thought they would be, haha but they are super good and spicy! And there are wild dogs everywhere! None have attacked me yet though (:

I'll take some pictures of inside the house at some point. I didn’t realize that where I was going to live was going to be like all the other trash Mexican buildings. But it is like I've never seen before. Culture shock is still going strong. Soon were about to go find some members that are nearby. We've been asking people on the street if they know any members of our church. Well I mean Elder Erikson has been asking haha. He then transitions that question to trying to get an appointment to teach them. He does it so well. I can now say I'm living the missionary life. We also tried to call the Bishop from our ward but he didn’t answer...oh well we are trying to get some work today even though we both don’t know anything about this area.

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