Monday, March 30, 2015

"The Mango in the States is All a Lie."


These two weeks have flown by! But at the same time, it feels like Mexico is all I've ever known. It´s so crazy to me still that everyone around me except my compañero doesn't understand or speak English. I don't know why but that just blows my mind haha.

Well where to start...this week I have finally felt the effects of the Mexican food. For the first time I tried the famous Oaxacan Mole. Mole is a sauce that usually goes with some sort of meat. It tasted amazing, I can´t really explain it. Well the rumor is that it always makes new Americans sick when they eat it for the first time, but Elder Erikson said he never got sick from it. I´m not sure why it makes Americans sick, but for some reason it doesn't settle well to foreigners. I ate a bunch of it because it was so delicious, I couldn't stop. I finished my plate and sat there a couple minutes and I felt good.
Then suddenly, I knew it was a matter of time and it was going to come back up. I asked where the bathroom was and I made it halfway. Good thing the dining area and bathroom was all outside, so it's not like I made a mess in their house. Yeah, that was a fun time. The next day I had some mole fajitas and I kept it in :)

So we have been teaching a lot of investigators and the hardest part is finding where they live. The house numbers don´t make any sense and a lot of the time the houses don't have any number at all. The other day we were trying to find an investigator and this one guy started yelling at us.  

Ayee Gringooo! Gringos! And some other choice Spanish words. He was obviously drunk and wanted to mess with a couple white guys. This isn't too uncommon and whenever it happens Elder Erikson and I start speaking total gibberish to each other extra loud so the drunk can hear us. It usually confuses them enough that they leave us alone but really I just think its so funny. We came across this other drunk guy who was actually speaking some English mixed with his slurred Spanish. It was strange but he tried to call us over to ask for money. He asked if we speak English but we said we didn't. I said that I speak French and Elder Erickson said he speaks Russian.

For the most part, the people here are super kind to us and our area is super safe. I never feel like I´m in any danger and I love the people here! We have gone to teach this one member family a few times now and they pretty much live on the side of this cliff. They are super cool family but the parents aren't married. That´s a huge problem here, I guess they don't like commitment. Oh and also the father is pretty much George of the Jungle. He has super long hair and he believes in the Trinity, he doesn't believe that The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings. We had a long discussion about it but he is never going to change his mind. Well other than that they are a super cool family and I gave the 7 year old daughter a US dollar bill. She was super excited. Yeah I have some leftover US money so I've been giving it away to kids. 

I love missionary work. Even though I can´t really teach or have conversations yet, I love these people. Oaxaca is awesome. The experiences I´m going to have and the people I am going to meet I would have never have dreamed of. The mission is such a special thing and that´s what I have learned in these first two weeks. I am so excited for these next two years and I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything.

Also, I´m going to the temple on Wednesday! That's one perk for being in the city! I can´t wait even though I think its all going to be in Spanish...this will be interesting. Oh yeah and General Conference weekend is coming! General conference is the best thing ever for missionaries I have learned. Its better than Christmas.

The fruit here is also amazing. The members give us Oranges and Mango all the time. Our fridge is stuffed. Oh man...the mango here are out of this world. The mango in the States are all a lie. The fruit here doesn't look as good, but it tastes so much better. I think the fruit in the states are modified to look super good, but whatever they do ruins their taste. I have oranges and mango everyday here, its the best.

Don´t worry about me because I am doing awesome and I love it. Thank you for everything, I hope all is going well in the States! 

Con Amor, 
Elder Smith

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