Monday, April 20, 2015

Buenos Dias!

Buenos Dias!

This is the last week of my first change! The weeks really do fly by. Not too much has happened this past week. It was Elder Erikson`s birthday on 15th. Every member that we had an appointment with had a cake and pop. By the end of the day we were dying because of how much sugar we had. That`s one thing about the members here, they are so nice to the missionaries. The cake here is a little different. They love this cake called tres leches. What they do is poor milk over the cake right before its served, making it super soggy. Elder Erikson absolutely hates it. I don`t mind it but I would rather it not be so soggy...haha. Every one of his birthday cakes was that kind. Every time we had to smile, say thank you, and eat a couple slices. The day after we were both sick with upset stomachs and headaches.

I have a pretty cool story that happened a few weeks back and I forgot to tell it. So we had a lunch appointment with this lady who actually has Grandchildren living in Rexburg. Elder Erikson met her a week before he left on his mission. She`s in our Stake and she invited us to eat in one of the richer parts of the city. We met her at the stake center and we left to go to her house in her car. Right when we started to leave for her house, all of the buses started to block off all the roads. Blockades are pretty common here in Oaxaca. With all the political problems here, unions and people like to block bridges and gas stations and roads. The police don't really have much authority here so they can't do anything. We were stuck in the middle of the city. After 30 minutes of trying to find a way out, we decided to say a prayer. They asked me to say it. Soon after the prayer we found a space behind a bus where the sidewalk was. We were able to squeak by and make it to the Sister`s house. Just another example of how The Lord answers our prayers.

It`s also been a super hot week this week. I hear when you go to the Coast, you never stop sweating. At least here in the city its super nice in the morning and at nights. There have been a couple huge storms here at night, with hurricane like winds. Luckily, we were in member's houses at the time and we weren't stuck out in the storms. The Lord is definitely looking out for us. 

At times it blows my mind that I'm serving my mission right now. The mission always seemed like something in the future. For all the brothers (except for Josh and Tyler) start preparing now. Learn to love the scriptures. I remember hearing all that before my mission, and I thought, okay yeah whatever. But really, learn early to love reading and listening to talks and reading the scriptures. Because now on my mission, I have never realized how awesome it is to keep learning more and more about the gospel. I've been told that you learn more after 1 year on the mission than in your first 18 years of life. I can see how that will probably be true for me.

Love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Smith

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