Monday, April 25, 2016

Lots of Rain and Travel

This last week was a tough one here in Nochixtlan. It rained everyday (which I enjoyed a lot) but it made it a little bit harder to work and a lot of our appointments fell through. We were traveling a lot to smaller towns that are in our area as well. When we travel to small towns or villages outside of Nochixtlan, we ride in trucks that have benches and a tarp covering the top of the back of the pickup. We took some pictures as we were riding the other day. 

We also spent time preparing for zone conference. The zone conference went super well and we took a zone picture afterwards. I'm pretty sure were the smallest zone when it comes to amount of missionaries, but one of the biggest geographically. We are excited because the zone is going to have a lot of baptisms in May. We are still preparing Eloy to be baptized on May 7th and we also have a couple more golden investigators that we are planning baptismal dates. 

It's been pretty stressful lately but I am learning a lot of new things with my new calling. I can't wait to be able to talk with the family in a couple weeks! 

Qué esten bien! Les amo mucho.

Con amor, Elder Smith

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