Monday, September 12, 2016


We've been working with investigators to progress towards their baptism but it looks like I'll be transferred before they get baptized. It's sad to be in an area for so long and not to see some of these people that I've visited various times a week reach the goal of baptism. It's not a sure thing, but President hinted to me in my interview with him that I was going to get changed on the 19th of this month. So it looks like I only have a week left in Nochixtlan. It's a bitter sweet feeling. I have grown to love this town and the people in it but I'm excited to see new things and new faces. 

Today we went to a place with beautiful waterfalls. The village is called Apoala and its a gorgeous little village surrounded by caves, rivers and waterfalls. We went cave exploring a little and took pictures in front of the biggest of the waterfalls. I swear I'm going to come back one day because you can swim in the water hole where the waterfall falls and the water is crystal clear. 

This past week we also did divisions with the Assistants in Oaxaca and it was fun because I got to be with an old companion for the day, Elder Peterson! We traveled a lot this past week and it looks like this week will be the same. I'm kind of sick of traveling so I hope for my transfer coming up I get released as Zone leader. I would love to train a greenie but we'll see what happens! It's not what I want it's what the Lord wants. I've gained a strong testimony that it is revelation from God. The calling we receive, to the companions we have and the areas we get put in on the mission. I have learned so much from every experience.

Love you all a ton!
Cuídense mucho,
Elder Smith

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