Monday, September 5, 2016

Zone Conference

Hey yall! This last week flew by super fast. On Friday it was the Zone Conference and Interviews with President Madsen. The Conference lasted for about 6 hours but it never seems that long because the conferences with President and Sister Madsen are the best. President also told us during the conference that one of the Apostles is coming in December to visit Oaxaca. He doesn't know which apostle but what a great way that will be to end my mission. I'm so pumped for December, the best month of the year!

We watched some talks from the New Mission Presidents Conference that they have every year. All 12 apostles are present every year for that conference and its really a special event. They discussed how the missionaries can teach repentence more effectively. We watched those talks and discussed as a zone how we can help our investigators to understand and apply repentance in their lives. Here in Oaxaca, it can be a challenge because the people here are uneducated and we really have to teach as if we were teaching a little kid. (The little kids seem to always understand more than the parents here). I have an image book that I haven't used enough that I'm going to start bringing to every lesson. Looking at pictures always helps the learning process. 

At the end of the conference, Hermana Madsen had ham and cheese bagel sandwhiches ready to eat. I love when Hermana Madsen makes American food :) 

This weekend its been raining non-stop. I'm enjoying it a lot because the sun has been burning my skin a lot lately. But with all the rain, the dirt roads have been unbelievably muddy.
Check out the pictures I took of the road and my companions shoes hahaha.
Another picture is the huge bowl of chapulines (grasshoppers) on the dinner table. A oaxacan meal isnt complete without it, YUM. 

Have a great start of the school year! Love you guys a ton.
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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