Monday, November 21, 2016

Taco's and Tamale's for Thanksgiving

We had a great week because it ended with 2 baptisms! Ausencio and Leonardo had their baptisms this past weekend. Everything went well but I've learned that baptism days are the most stressful but rewarding days on the mission. I always get so stressed out because the leaders and members of the ward don't really help much with the details of the baptisms so it all rests on our shoulders. 

After the baptism we went to celebrate at the Ranch and we ate some delicious tamales and fried fish roe. It was the first time I've eaten fish roe and I liked it a lot. It shows that you can fry anything and it will taste good. We call it the Ranch (el rancho) where the Urbieta family lives in Ixtaltepec. It's pretty much our second home there and they put up their Christmas tree! I love that family so much and to be able to see them grow in the gospel has made me so happy. It's a huge extended family that all live there. Ausencio is the grandfather of the family and it was really special to see him be converted in the gospel. 

So on December 11th Elder Neil L. Andersen is coming to Juchitan! He's going to speak at a multistage conference that Sunday. Not all the missionaries of the mission are going to be able to attend but I'm lucky enough to be part of the zones that he's visiting here in the Istmus of Oaxaca. He was going to have a special conference with just missionaries, but something changed in his schedule so he won't have time. Bummer but I'll be able to see him and hear him speak at the stake conference. It's going to be something really special for the members and leaders of the church here in Oaxaca. Hopefully there won't be any blockades in the road to keep him from coming. Knowing Oaxaca, I won't be surprised haha. 

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving week! I´ll be eating tacos and tamales like usual but I'll pretend that they're turkey tacos ;)
Elder Smith 

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