Monday, November 28, 2016

Light the World

It's officially permitted to listen to Christmas music because Thanksgiving has passed! I'm now starting to see Christmas trees and lights getting set up here, even though it doesn't feel like December here because of the weather. It's a little strange but listening to Christmas music that I put on my ipod and turning the air conditioning unit on full blast helps me feel a little bit more at home haha. Christmas as a missionary is a really special experience though that I'm never going to experience again. I'm going to take advantage of it for sure. 

This week we had our stake conference and Elder Casteñeda from the quorum of the seventy spoke. He shared a powerful testimony and the spirit was really strong. 3 of our investigators were able to attend. Candelaria, and two new investigators, María and Fernanda. Candelaria is progressing towards her baptismal date and is quitting little by little her coffee addiction. It amazes me the faith that people have to change their lives completely to follow these new teachings and commandments. Being born in the church made it easy for me, but I don't know if I would be humble enough to change my life completely like what these converts do.

The new Christmas video came out! #Light the world. The new video is really neat our it shows that we can serve others and do what Christ did to light the world with truth, love and hope. 

We had a really special experience with our new investigator, María. She was the one that we contacted in the street that said her friends invited her to go to institute. In our first lesson with her we talked about Joseph Smith and the restoration, as well as baptism. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes and that she wanted to be a member of the church. She just wants to learn more first to be sure of the commitment that shes going to make. When she said those words I was shocked and at a loss for words for a moment. The Lord has put in our path people who are prepared to accept the gospel and investigators like María are a missionaries dream. Golden investigator for sure. We put her baptismal date for January 7th. 

This December is going to be full of gifts. We get to see Elder Andersen on the 11th and we have a special training for missionaries by Elder Peiper of the Seventy on Saturday the 10th. Who knows, Elder Andersen could show up at that training as well, I'm praying that he does! Then were going to sing in a missionary Christmas program for the stake on the 18th, and the missionary Christmas activity the next day. And then it's Christmas SKYPE DAY. It's going to be a December to remember.

Have a great week!!
Love, Elder Smith

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