Monday, January 16, 2017

Enduring to the End

We've been working hard this last week in our area. It's sooo hard but I'm trying to focus on the mission but every conversation leads to me going home in a week. I feel bad for Elder Ochoa but I know how he feels. I've killed three companions during the mission :) The last few weeks I've felt pretty normal, but after this last Sunday everything is starting to become surreal. I'm in my last few days as a full time missionary. It really brings tears to my eyes thinking about it but I'm also super excited to see the family and take another step forward in the bright future ahead of me.

We started contacting and knocking doors trying to find new investigators these last few days. We had little success but we were able to find a few new investigators and some appointments for this week. It's hard to keep myself focused but I know that God is trying my diligence to endure to the end. We are planning a lot of baptisms for February but sadly I'll just have to have my companion send me the pictures. There's a whole lot of potential in Ixtepec to be able to have 5 baptism in the next month and I'm happy for Elder Ochoa because I'm not leaving him with a dead area. 

This past Saturday we got to perform the missionary program again in the other Estaca in Tehuantepec. I was a little nervous because I haven't gotten over my cough. The program went great and we nailed "O Holy Night" again, so it was a sigh of relief. I felt the spirit the strongest in this last performance and during some of the songs I actually started to tear up. I don't know whats wrong with me but I'm already starting to get emotional and I don't like it hahaha. I'll be a mess on the 25th. I also got a call from The Dewolfs congratulating me and telling me that I'm always welcome in their home in Utah. Also, I got a call from Martha, an investigator in Huatulco that got baptized in August and just recently her son as well. Hearing from the people that I've grown to love in these two years have made me so happy. It's a joy that can't be described that only comes through Christ-like service.

I'll be heading to Oaxaca on Saturday to make it to the church services in Nochixtlan on Sunday. President Madsen gave me permission to go up early to visit Nochixtlan and my other areas in the city. Next Monday I'll be sending my last email as a missionary in the mission offices.

See yall soon! Love,
Elder Smith

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  1. Que nuestro padre celestial te bendiga hermano, se te extrañara muchísimo, fue una bendición conocerle.