Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz ano nuevo!

Feliz año nuevo!!! Wow is it really 2017 already? I remember getting to the mission and everybody telling me "Wow you don't get back home until're gonna be here a while." Haha well that's what I was thinking in my head as well. But time flies on the mission. It's been the fastest 2 years of my life. 

This week we had an unexpected surprise on Saturday. We were walking down the street when someone yelled Hey Elders! From inside of his car. Whenever people call for us we always need to make a judgement call if we should go to them or just keep walking. It's a safety thing that I've learned on the mission here in Mexico. Just because they know that we're Elders doesn't mean that they're always friendly to us. I always judge by the spirit and if I feel good about it I go and talk to them. So we got to the car and he spoke to me in English. He reached out his hand with a 200 peso bill saying,"Take it, just take it!" I replied a little confused, as well in English, "Uh..are you sure?" "Yes! Merry Christmas!" he responded while driving off. 

It was a funny experience, I'm thinking he's an ex-missionary that was visiting Ixtepec for the holidays. We were happy because you can do a lot with 200 pesos here :) And I plan on going out for tlayudas a lot in my last few weeks here. 

Candelaria, our investigator fell into some temptation on Christmas Eve and drank alcohol. Here, especially in the isthmus of Oaxaca that what Satan attacks with most. Even the members fall due to alcohol sometimes because it's the culture here and the temptation is always there. Candelaria felt horrible all week and really has sincerely repented. She felt better when we talked to her on Wednesday in the lesson we had with her. She's now getting baptized this Saturday the 7th!

It was a tough week looking for investigators and trying to have lessons. Everybody was gone on vacations or at parties all day and night. We were blessed to find 3 new investigators on the 31st! We struggled to find contacts all week but our prayers were answered when a family let us in their house as they were preparing their New Years dinner. We taught them a little bit about the Restoration and we made an appointment for this Thursday. 

On Saturday night we ate dinner with Sister Norma and we got home at 8 because curfew for us was an hour earlier. Elder Ochoa and I were both really tired so we got ready for bed and tried sleeping early. I couldn't sleep when I checked my watch, it said that it was about 11:30. All night the fireworks were going off but when it hit 12 it seemed like fireworks were exploding in every direction. Some right by the window where I was! I almost got my head blown off. Haha not really but it was loud and I was surprised that my companion slept through all the ruckus. 

Every week goes by so fast!! 3 more weeks and I'll be on my way home. Have a fantastic first week of 2017! P.S I took pictures of cool while parrots that were chilling in a tree.

Love, Elder Smith

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