Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Or the day after Christmas really. 

It was a special Christmas this year. Even though I was sick it will be one that I'll always remember. The 24th we went around visiting a few widows in the ward that were alone for Christmas. We brought small gifts for each of them and sang them Christmas carols. We were also invited to two dinners on Christmas Eve and we had to pull off the Missionary Miracle of being able to eat various dinners. Our prayers were answered and we were able to eat everything that was put in front of us.

We were told that we couldn't be walking the streets after 6 o'clock by the Zone leaders, and that we were in homes of members for the night. We also had permission to be in a member's home until 10 if they were able to give us a ride home afterwards. It didn't get too crazy here in the streets but we've heard that it's pretty dangerous New Year's eve. They already told us that for the 31st we have to be home safe and sound by 8 o'clock. 

The kids (and adults) buy fireworks to set off on all festive days and nights. On each corner there are firework stands with fireworks of all shapes and sizes. Most of them just explode and make loud noises. The fireworks at home are a lot better because they're actually colorful and fun to watch, here they just explode and kill your eardrums. 

Earlier in the day on the 24th we visited Sister Elbira.
She's been sick lately and she was all alone making tamales. We passed by with flowers and started singing carols when she came to the door. I could see the joy on her face and it was a very special moment. It broke my heart when we asked her who was coming over to eat tamales with her later and she said nobody.

She feeds us every other Wednesday and she always makes the most delicious food. Knowing that we already had two dinners coming up that night we told her that we would come to eat some of her tamales for dinner on Monday night. (I'm stoked we told her that because we're super hungry right now) :)

When then visited Norma and her Dad who she takes care of 24/7. We ate baked chicken with mashed potatoes and then after that we arrived to the Christmas dinner at the house of Brother Bartolo. We got to their house at about 8. They were frying taquitos with their outdoor oven. Even though we were already full we took down some delicious home fried taquitos and had a very enjoyable night talking and laughing with some of their family members who were visiting. We even had a little fun with some sparklers that the little kids were playing with :)

It was an awesome Christmas Eve because we were able to teach about Christ as brighten the live's of others doing what Christ did on the earth. 

I loved talking to the family yesterday. I love my family. I have the best brothers in the world. You're my best friends. Have a great time together and see ya in a few weeks.

Love, Elder Smith

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