Monday, May 25, 2015

Oompa Loompa Sighting

Happy Memorial Day!

Well its just a normal day here in Oaxaca. Hopefully someone ate a burger for me or something :) It´s been a pretty uneventful week. We had a multi-zone conference last Tuesday that lasted for almost 7 hours. Definitely the longest meeting I have ever been in. But it was super interesting and I learned a lot! We focused on faith. A missionary with fear is a missionary without faith, and a missionary with faith has no fear. They also taught us how to clean a toilet at the conference. I thought it was funny. No matter how hard we scrub our bathroom, I don't think its going to look any cleaner haha. 

Today we visited Elder Erikson´s old area in the city. He was there about a year ago. We went to visit this crazy guy named Angel. He paints amazing pictures of landscapes. He gave both Elder Erikson and I one of his paintings. They are incredible. He has 3 teeth and his house is a mess, with finished and unfinished paintings everywhere. The best part of Oaxaca are the people. I am so excited to just meet so many strange, yet incredible people here in the next 20 months. 

Oh yeah, also earlier this week I saw the funniest thing. There was a Oaxacan taking his two bulls for a walk and about 10 feet behind was this little, full grown Oaxacan man. He had to be 4 foot nothing. I think he escaped the Wonka Chocolate factory and found his way to Oaxaca, Mexico. He had a 6 foot bamboo stick and he started to run up behind the bulls just close enough to be able to whip them, so they keep moving forward. Then he rested until he had another boost of energy and ran to gain ground on the bulls again. I couldn't stop laughing. So yeah thats one of the stranger things I saw this week. 

Next week our zone is going to the ruins of Monte Alban. I hear its one of the more famous ruins in Mexico. I will have a lot of pictures from that next Monday!

Hope everyone is doing well at home!

Con Amor
-Elder Smith

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