Monday, May 4, 2015

First Baptism!

This first week of my second change was a special one. I had my first baptism! We baptized Clara. She´s a 15 year old girl that was a progressing investigator when both Elder Erikson and I got to the area. Clara is a joy to teach because she is always super animated and active during the lessons, asking a lot of questions always participating. 

When I found out that I was doing the baptism, I was pretty nervous. I never have baptized before in my life, in English or Spanish before last week. The day of the baptism we were on divisions. I was with Elder Prieto in the neighboring area Juarez until the baptism at the church. All day I went through the Baptismal Prayer in my head. I also kept going through her name so I wouldn't forget that either. Everyone here has 4 Names. First, Middle, and two last names, so it can get pretty complicated and long. Good thing Clara´s wasn´t too difficult. Clara Adriana Martinex Pacheco. 

The Baptism went perfect. I didn't mess up the prayer and her name too terribly and I said the prayer right the first time. I thought it was a success. Also I didn't drop her, for some reason I was worried that might happen during the baptism haha. It was a really special baptism. She bore her testimony afterward and started to break down crying. The spirit was super strong and I will never forget my first baptism as a missionary. 

We have 2 more baptisms in about two weeks. Two 10 year olds, Alejandro and Yandell. I'm baptizing Yandell and Elder Erikson is baptizing Alejandro. That will be a cool baptismal service for sure! 

The joys of missionary work definitely outweigh the struggles and trials. Seeing others come unto Christ is such a blessing. We have been studying a lot about Grace this past week. The grace of God lifts us up and changes us. We are here on this Earth to change and become perfected through repentance. Ask the Lord to empower you to overcome your trials, not to change your circumstances. That's what I have learned that Grace is. That through Christ, we can be empowered to overcome our sins and our trials. 

Love you and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Smith 

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