Monday, August 24, 2015

Dreaming in Spanish

Wow, I can´t believe the new school year is a couple weeks away. I just heard that General Conference is the 3rd and 4th of October. I am super excited. Another thing to look forward too. I would have never imagined being so excited for Gen. Conf. it's the best thing in the world for missionaries. A break from walking out in the sun for two days. It´s missionary vacation haha. Not much new happened this week in Santa María, Huatulco. We had more of our investigators attend church this week, so that made us really happy. We are planning 2 baptisms in the coming weeks. The District President of Huatulco suggested that we don´t do baptisms in the ocean because of previous problems with missionaries and investigators not knowing how to swim and the waves causing problems. Also, he said it isn't a very reverent atmosphere with drunks and tourists all around. The problem is that our investigator, Remedios, has the idea in her head that the site of her baptism is something very important to her and she needs to receive personal revelation to know where she´s going to get baptized. The District President suggested The baptismal font in the Stake Center about 30 minutes away, or the river in Santa María, but Remedios might have other ideas, who knows. 

There are a couple things that I realized this week that blew my mind. First of all, Dora la Exploradora (Spanish version of Dora the Explorer) teaches English. I don´t know why that blew my mind but it did haha. Also, the chips "Fritos" is Spanish. Frito means "fried". Fritos are fried corn chips. Whaaat mind blown haha I never knew. 

It´s starting to happen. I´m starting to dream in Spanish, and the other day I caught myself thinking in Spanish! That's a good thing I guess. I uploaded some pictures too.

One of the pictures is Elder Tello and I in our Authentic Oaxacan shirts. I forgot what they are called, but they are super awesome, and comfy. 

I also took a picture of a weird but delicious fruit called, Maracuya. It looks like a yellow lacrosse ball before cutting it open. Inside is this sweet and tart goopy substance. It taste like a mix between grapefruit and polmegranate but a lot sweeter. Its suuuper good. 

We also visited the river again today, because we had some time and I took so pictures of this cool narrow part with huge rocks. 

Oh yeah and the other night I took a picture of my arm. The caption for that picture is "Hey, I found the US-Mexican border on my arm!" hahaha dont look at that picture for too long because the white of my upper arm may cause chronic blindness. 

I love you and I hope the Family continues to do well with all the activities and work!

Elder Smith

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  1. Hehehe. This is a funny one. Elder Smith is a funny guy.