Monday, August 31, 2015

"I'm going to miss two things."

Yesterday we completed 1 change here in Santa María. I am on my 5th change in the mission field. Our District stayed exactly the same, none of the missionaries in our District got changed. I was happy about that because I really like our district, we all get along really well. Its a small district. Only 3 companionships. Elder Tello and I, with two companionships of Hermanas (sister missionaries). Their are always a lot more sister missionaries on the coast than Elders. I'm not sure why, I guess for all the immodest women walking around near the beach.

President Madsen also came down for interviews! We all had interviews on Wednesday and he also brought with him a new missionary couple that is going to be living here in Huatulco. They're from Utah and the Sister knows a good amount of Spanish because her mom is Mexican, but her husband doesn't know any at all. I know how he feels haha. I was talking to them a lot, just to make sure I can still speak my native language. The Sister is a nurse so now we have a nurse nearby to take care of all the missionaries on the Coast. I was super excited to here that when I catch dengue fever, I will have someone to go to haha. The interview with President Madsen went really well. We talked about how my Spanish is going and about how the area is going with our investigators. He is such a cool guy and a great mission President. I am so lucky to have him as my Pres for all of my mission.

Nothing else much happened this week with our investigators. We had a good attendance at church this week, with our investigators. We had 3 attend. Yep, that's a good number, trust me. Its the hardest thing for us is getting our investigators to go to church. We are trying to get the members to help us with that by assigning members to pick up certain investigators, but the members have trouble getting to church as well. To get some more investigators, I'm going to start giving English classes every Saturday for an hour. There was a lot of interest in that so hopefully that will be a success!

Something that I find really funny is that everyone is so surprised when I tell them that I'm 19 years old. They all tell me I look older! I have no idea why but they say its because I'm tall....hahahaha funny, right?! When I come home, I'm going to miss 2 things. 1) The Oaxacan food 2) Being considered "tall". 

Love you all!  ¡Que tengan una buena semana! 
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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