Monday, August 10, 2015

¡Hola familia, feliz lunes!

This week we had a multi-zone conference with our zone (Huatulco) and our neighboring zone, Puerto Escondido. I got to see me old compañero Elder Torres! So that was fun. We also learned how to make oatmeal and no bake fudge. Sister Madsen likes to teach us things that we can cook in the house, but that takes to much time and energy. Every night, I only have the energy to plan for the next day, shower, make a nutella & pb sandwhich, pray and get in my hammock to sleep. Especially here in the humidity and heat of the day, I am always so exhausted when 9 pm hits. 

We also had President Madsen join us for a couple hours to teach some of our investigators. Not going to lie, we were a little bit nervous for him to join us. We only had 1 appointment set for that night and we didn't know where we should go after the first visit. Well the first visit went really well. We visited Remedios. Her husband just got baptized a month ago and her son is a member. We have a baptism date for her on the 12th of September. Her only problem is that she told us that she needs to receive revelation of where she should get baptized. Hopefully she receives the revelation she wants soon. The lesson with her and President went super well, so we were relieved after that. President Madsen teaches with Power and Authority, he knows what he´s doing. 

But we didn't know where to go after that lesson...usually we go contacting when we don't have a lesson but both my companion and I thought about this one contact that we made a few days ago. We felt like it would be a good idea to go visit them and hopefully let is talk to them for awhile. We got there and immediately they welcomed us in. God for sure answered our prayers with this couple that never talked to us before, other than a few words the other day, letting us in without question. It was truly a blessing.

Today for P-day we went on a little tour on a tour bus that a member owns. He took us to a few beach sights. It was beautiful but it made me want to go for a swim so bad, hahaha. Maybe in a few years when I come back to Huatulco for vacation :)

It is my 4th week in Santa María, Huatulco, and I can´t believe it. The time keeps going by faster and faster. I hope everything continues to go well at home. Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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