Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Baptism!

We had another baptism this week! Finally, Remedios got baptized. We have been meeting with her from the beginning. She was tough to prepare for baptism. She´s the third one of her family to be baptized. Her son and her husband are recent converts. I hope to be able to see them get sealed together in a year from now. 

Other than that, nothing much happened this week. Transfers are in a week from now. I don´t want to be changed. I don´t think I will be, but who knows. I want to stay in Santa María for another transfer. One reason is because there is a member in the ward that is making me scripture cases. More than anything, I don't want to be changed because I really like it here. There are a lot of difficult things about being a missionary in an area where the church is so new and small, but it´s pretty special being a missionary in a place like this for a lot of reasons. I feel like my work here is really important for the growth in the church. I have learned that the effort of the missionaries in a lot of areas all over the world where the church is just beginning, really plays a role in the growth of the church. 

We only had 35 members attend church yesterday. It was a bummer, but that's what happens sometimes when a couple big families leave town for the weekend. Oh, and another thing that bothers me, but I cant just help but laugh is that the church members here don´t know how a lot of hymns go and they can´t read music. It can get pretty painful during sacrament meeting while we sing the hymns. It would be better if we had a piano in our House of Prayer...well I don't think anybody knows how to play piano either, including me, so that wouldn't help much. 

As a missionary in Santa María, Huatulco, I have learned a lot of patience while teaching. More than half of our investigators don´t know how to read. It makes it really difficult to teach and for them to progress. We have to teach them, as if they were children. We use a lot of pictures and examples to help them understand, because none of the older people are educated here. It´s definitely a trial, but I'd take uneducated and humble people over educated and prideful people any day. I have really grown to love the people of Oaxaca. I know that their are a lot of people here that the Lord has prepared to accept the Gospel. All I can do is work hard everyday to find them. 

I know that what I teach and preach to everyone I talk to here is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and I have an amazing opportunity to testify of these eternal truths everyday. It is truly a blessing, and I thank the Lord everyday for this opportunity that I have to grow and to share the Gospel with the people of Oaxaca.

Gracias por todas sus oraciones y amor.
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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