Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving in Mexico

We had a pretty tough week this past week. My companion and I both got sick. On Tuesday I had a pretty bad cold with a fever. I slept the entire day and it was pretty miserable. I'll take a full day of pure contacting in the street over being cooped up in the house for an entire day. Well, it was nice to get some extra sleep. The fever only lasted for a day and now I just have a lingering cough that won't go away. Then on Thursday, my companion got sick and we stayed in for most of the day. I was able to clean the house a lot that day so that was a positive. 

So yeah, we were pretty beat up last week but good thing it wasn't anything more serious like dengue or chikungunya. The good thing about the week was that we have 4 more baptismal dates! None of them are 100% for sure going to happen but we are going to work hard to prepare these 4 investigators for baptism. I have learned to be more direct and to not be afraid to teach with power and authority. When we teach with the spirit, and teach with the power and authority that The Lord has given us as his Missionaries, we can really see results and the hearts change in our investigators. It's a really special to witness, the conversion of our investigators beginning to take place. 

Thanksgiving in Mexico is just like any other day. Nobody knows what it is here. I got really trunky Thanksgiving morning. I was thinking about the Turkey Bowl, the food, and the Lions game that I was missing. I was really feeling crappy that day. But while we were at our food appointment eating beans and tortillas, I had a moment of clarity. What is Thanksgiving all about?  It's about being Thankful for what we have! Duh. I have a million things to be thankful for right now. My family is healthy, and I'm in Oaxaca, Mexico spending the best two years of my life. I have received so many blessings in my life, and in that moment I thought about all of the blessings that I have, and my attitude completely changed. 

One night this week, the moon was really cool too. I took pictures.
I don't know if it was an eclipse or not, but the moon was super orange and awesome looking. My camera impressed me with the pictures it was able to take so close up to the moon and super detailed. Its a really nice camera.
I also took pictures of us riding in a bicitaxi! Its a bicycle taxi and sometimes when we don't want to walk we take the bicitaxi.
We also have been running and playing futbol in the mornings in this covered basketball and soccer court. Its really nice because its super close to the house so we can leave and do exercise in the mornings.
I'm super excited for December! Best month of the year! We went to the big supermarket today and all the christmas stuff was out and the Christmas music was playing and it made me super happy. I think were going to buy Christmas lights for inside of our house. It's a little weird because its 
December and 90 degrees everyday but I have accepted it. 

I love you all and thank you for all your support, love and prayers!
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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