Monday, January 25, 2016


We had a super exciting Sunday! We have been working with this couple that we found contacting! We were searching for a reference so we were just going house to house asking if they knew who our reference was. I love them. They are just good people. Rosio and Felipe are a couple that have a lot of problems and challenges in their life, but I can see a genuine desire to find direction in their lives. It wasn't an accident that we found them. They went to church yesterday and I think they really enjoyed it! The members were so amazing and helpful. The Bishop announced and welcomed them at the beginning of church, and members offered their hymn books and scriptures to look off of. Oh it was a breath of fresh air. In all of my mission, the members haven't really been a huge help or super out of their way friendly to our investigators, until this Ward. That´s why I love this área, the members that are active are truly member missionaries.

In my last letter I was mistaken. I said that the following week was a conference when member of the Seventy would come to train us. That isn't until this Wednesday. Last Wednesday was the world-wide missionary broadcast. Which was awesome. Before the Broadcast we also got flu shots. Hermana Madsen told me to make a sad face, holding my shot arm.

So this week here in Oaxaca has had lower temperatures. I'm not sure how cold it has been getting at nights and in the mornings, but I have been freezing! Thank goodness that we have gas to heat up our water. We should be getting a blizzard coming our way in the next couple of days...haha that would be a sign of the Second Coming. I Heard it snowed a little in Mexico City. The signs are here guys.

Everyone stay safe in the snow! Send it down here!
Love you!

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