Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap day p-day

Well, life on the mission has been a little crazier being District leader again. There are 8 missionaries in my district, 2 of those companionship's being sister missionaries. It just gives me a few extra things to deal with on a daily basis, but it is really preparing me for future jobs and life after the mission. It's hard but I am really enjoying it. I am so thankful that my companion is a seasoned missionary too. He is the Senior Companion and I am the District leader, so it balances out a little bit the responsibilities. 
This week we did a lot of contacting. I don't know what was in the water this past week, but people seemed to be a little bit more rude than normal. I'm sure missionaries in Europe or other difficult missions would laugh at how little we are rejected or treated poorly in Oaxaca. The people here are so open and kind to us, but this week we actually had doors slammed in our face and people being straight up rude. It makes me sad knowing how much the Gospel would bless their lives and for them not even to let us share a little bit of our message. 
This week we put a baptismal date with Rosio and her daughter Maria! The 26th of March! They both are for sure going to get baptized. I hope that I am still here when it happens and I don't get changed. We were able to put a baptismal date with them because she doesn't live her boyfriend anymore. It is the best thing ever to see the gospel change people. It is a blessing to see how an indication from the spirit to start talking someone on the street can lead to their life changing and them getting baptized. I was waiting for the opportunity to finally baptize someone that I contacted. All my other baptisms were already investigators when I got into the area but with Rosio and Maria I can really see that I am making an impact as a servant of the Lord and that brings me so much joy. 
I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic first week of March. 
Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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