Monday, March 21, 2016

Tender Mercies

This was a week of tender mercies from the Lord. Twice this week we were resting in the shade after all of our appointments falling through with no idea what to do. Both times the Lord sent new investigators to us. In the first incident a younger lady came walking up to us and greeted us. First of all, that only happens when it's a drunk guy asking for money. So I was surprised that someone approached us like that. She told us that her brother was looking for Mormon missionaries to visit him. I almost cried with joy. We visited him the next day and he is a golden investigator. His name is Javier and about a year ago he told us that he spoke with missionaries a couple times in Puerto Escondido but he traveled around for his work and lost contact with him. He's 29 years old and is a super good guy. He went to church yesterday too! I can honestly see him as a leader in the Church in a couple years. In the first lesson with him we put a baptismal date on the calendar for the 30th of April. 

The other incident was cool too. We were walking by a family and the father called us over. I didn't recognize them so I was a little confused. He explained that they just moved into the ward again after moving away for a few years and that his two daughters haven't been baptized yet. We are now preparing his daughters Joselina and Paulina for baptism. Those two incidences made it a good week for us.
Today we went to the ruins of Atzompa.
It was my second time going, but I got some more good pictures from the trip. Last night I ate some tacos and I woke up feeling sick with the usual bad taco symptoms. I won't ever learn because the tacos are so dang good here. This week is Semana Santa. That's what they call the week going into Easter. That means more drunks and families leaving for vacation. It'll be a tough week I'm sure, but Conference weekend coming up makes up for it :)
Have a great Spring Break! Love you.
-Elder Smith

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