Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Cuando Me Bautice"

A lot of things happened this week but I don't have any time to write much. :(
First of all we had the baptism of Juana! YAYYY it was an awesome baptism and I did the confirmation on Sunday. It really was a special baptismal service. The spirit was so strong, especial when Elder Melgar and I sang a special musical number. We sang "Cuando Me Bautice" (When I am Baptized) One of my favorite children's songs. 
It rained like crazy this week here! One day it rained so hard that have a few minutes the roads turned into rivers! We had some fun and took some pictures of us getting soaked :) 

It's been crazy traveling to Huajuapan a couple times this week to do interviews. But I am really learning some very useful skills that will help me all throughout my life. I have learned that that's why God has given me responsibilities and assignments on the mission. Not because I'm a good leader by any means, but because I am learning so many valuable skills. I am forever grateful for that.
This week we hope to travel to the Anona branch. It's part of our zone and it was the first branch of the church in Oaxaca. And where the first baptism in Oaxaca was held. The story is really cool. The missionary were on their way down on the train when they had a huge spiritual impression to preach to this little mountain village. Long story short the whole village was baptized in a few days. Now, about 50% of the population of Anona are members. I think about 200 people live there cause its in the middle of nowhere hahaha. I'm excited to go visit!
Thats all I have time for, Love you all! Have a fabulous week!
-Elder Smith

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