Monday, May 30, 2016

Sick again

I got really sick this week! Yayyy! Haha don't worry it only lasted Monday night and Tuesday. I don`t know what it was that made me vomit all Monday night. I went to the doctor and it said it might be colitis that comes from stress and diet issues. I feel better now so no need to worry.
We ended up traveling to Haujuapan on Friday. It was a good trip and we spent the night making videos of us dancing to EFY songs. It was a good time, and we were able to relieve some stress. 
We have found some more awesome families that we are now visiting a lot. That is something that I want to focus on right now. Helping entire families instead of teaching and baptizing individuals. When you see an entire family learn and progress towards baptism together, it is really something special.
Juana is getting baptized this Saturday! Her conversion has really been a special thing to watch. She texted us last night telling us that she was feeling sad and confused and that she wanted us to visit her today. We were worried that she was having second thoughts about her decision to get baptized. We showed up today and she told us that she felt the desire to fix something that she had done to her sister. Her sister has done some terrible things to her, so she was trying to get back at her. She told us that after this Sunday she felt the need to fix that situation with her Sister before she was baptized. She told us that she felt dirty and unworthy to go back to church or get baptized for what she had done to her sister to get back at her.
We were able to help her realize that was she did shows her sincere repentance and that The Lord forgives us for all of our sins if we sincerely repent. We gave her a blessing of comfort and by the end of the lesson we could see that she was happy again. I felt good because we were able to help a child of God become converted. I know that Juana is a true convert because she has completely changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This Saturday is going to be a special day for sure.
I sent some pictures of our dinner that Juana made us (Tlayudas) oh man I'm going to miss those things. And a weird fruit that a member gave to us. I don't remember what its called but it tasted super bomb. 

Love you all and enjoy the beginning of June! 
-Elder Smith

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