Monday, May 16, 2016

New Companion

This has been a crazy week and Monday. We had transfers and my companion Elder Godoy was changed. I'm now with Elder Melgar. He's from Honduras. He only has 5 weeks left on his mission. He is a really hard worker so I'm excited to work with him, and have a lot of success. It was a week full of emotions. We had the baptism of Eloy on Saturday. He's 94 years old and we had difficulties baptizing him. We actually couldn't get him all the way under the water. The ward mission leader filled the baptismal font only about halfway. Eloy is really physically limited, he can't bend his back at all. We tried everything to get him fully submerged, but after a few tries he was a little scared and he was fighting it. My companion and I afterwards were pretty heartbroken. We are going to visit him and try and talk him into giving it another try. 
Today we traveled to Oaxaca to drop of my companion and pick up Elder Melgar.
There were so many missionaries and members there at the bus station, it was amazing to see so many people that I have grown to love while serving. I got to see Hermana Vicky there and we took a picture together with her daughters.
Elder Erikson and I started teaching Vicky in my first area. She was baptized on Saturday. I was planning on going to her baptism but the complications with Eloy made it so we didnt have enough time to travel. Her two daughters have also been baptized this past year. It was such a joy to see and talk with them.
I love you all, and I think about you a little too much :)
-Elder Smith

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