Monday, May 9, 2016

Post Mother's Day Skype

This week we went to the "Remembering Our Culture" dance spectacular. It was awesome! I don't know if it was completely missionary appropriate but I had a really good time. My favorite dances were the Bolivian, Native American Indians, African and Hip Hop dances. And then at the end they did a Mexican song and dance and everybody went crazy! It really was a stress reliever for us missionaries. 

We had the baptism of Eloy planned for this past Saturday but when we went for his interview, he said he was too sick to get baptized this weekend. We rescheduled it for this next Saturday, so hopefully everything is good to go for this Saturday.

Our golden investigator, Juana, keeps progressing everyday. It has been amazing seeing how the gospel has changed her. She was so sad and depressed before, and now every time we see her she jokes around with us and always has a huge smile on her face. 

This past week we took some photos of us doing some street contacting. The people here can really be burros sometimes.. ;)

I loved talking to you all yesterday! It made me miss you all a little too much, but the Work goes on! 

Love, Elder Smith

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