Monday, May 23, 2016

Baleadas and Baptisms

This has been an awesome first week with my new companion, Elder Melgar. He is an awesome missionary. He was baptized about 5 years ago when he was 21. He's about to turn 26 years old at the end of the month. He's an old man haha. He's from Honduras and today we made a classic Honduran dish. It's called Baleadas and I fell in love at first bite. DELICIOUS I'm serious, I'm going to make it when I get home. It's pretty much a taco with refried beans, shredded chicken prepared with a type of tomato sauce, avocado, fried plantain, sour cream, and a special cheese. It's amazing, and pretty simple to make. 

We have been working hard and now we have 7 baptismal dates. A couple of the dates are pretty certain but they always seem to fall through. Hermana Juana's baptismal date is coming up soon on June 4th! We taught her the Word of Wisdom the other day, and she learned that she couldn't drink coffee. She drank coffee almost every morning but when she heard that it was a commandment to not drink it she said right away along the lines of, "Oh its not a big deal to stop drinking coffee." I was pretty shocked at her response. She really has a firm testimony and she's definitely ready for her baptism. It's going to be a very special day.
Tomorrow we're traveling to Huajapan for divisions. It's always tiring to travel in this zone but it will be fun :)
Love you all! Have a great week.
-Elder Smith

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