Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference Weekend

Every missionary's favorite time of the year. CONFERENCE WEEKEND. It was a great vacation being able to sit in the air conditioned chapel watching the prophets and apostles share their inspired messages. I also loved the music of all the choirs. We had 3 investigators come to conference on Sunday. Edilberto, who is getting married on the 17th so he can get baptized, went to the priesthood session and the Sunday afternoon session. He lives in Ixtaltepec, a Little town about a 15 minute car ride from Ixtepec. He made the sacrifice to come and we are helping him to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon as well as The Word of Wisdom. It was perfect when President Monson spoke about the Word of Wisdom on Saturday.

I really enjoyed Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk on that it depends on our attitude top be happy and joyful in our lives, and it has little to do with the challenges we face. I have learned that eternal truth throughout my mission, seeing so many happy people who have very little. People who live under a tin roof with 4 walls. Families of 6 or more in conditions that are not very comfortable at all, but some how they are happier than a lot of people that have all the material luxuries you could ask for. I'm constantly humbled by the people that I have come to know throughout my mission. I am forever grateful for their example.

Today we ate tlayudas with Hermana Laura and her 3 daughters. I don't know what it is but little girls always come to love the Elders, and it's hard not to fall in love with them because they're just the sweetest. I'm always asking the sisters here to give me the recipes to the salsas that they make. Oh man I love Mexico because there's always a bowl of salsa on the table.

I encourage you all to study and ponder the talks that were given this weekend. We are so blessed to have the words of the living prophets to help guide us to the eternal blessings that the Gospel offers us.

Les Amo mucho,
Elder Smith

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