Monday, October 24, 2016

Zapotec Language

Hey fam! Things have cooled down a little bit here in Ixtepec. My first few weeks here was insanely hot but now it has gotten really windy and a little cooler. I may still look red in all my pictures but I think its a little bit less now :) 

There have been a lot of parties here lately. The people are poor here but there always seems to be money to throw a huge party in the middle of the street. Yesterday we were in Ixtaltepec and we walked through a party because it was in the middle of the street and there wasn't another way to go! They all started laughing at us and yelling at us in zapoteco. In this region of Oaxaca, the people speak their indigenous dialect, zapoteco. A lot older people don´t even know how to speak Spanish. I was glad they yelled at us in zapoteco so we didn't understand what they said, it might´ve made me mad ha ha. My companion was a little annoyed at what happened, but I just laughed afterwards. 

We are planning on 2 baptisms this coming Saturday. The couple that got married the other week are having their baptism. It's not for sure quite yet because Edilberto has had problems with the word of wisdom so we need to make sure that he's willing to leave the coffee and alcohol. We have prayed a lot for this couple and we're excited for them because we've seen a drastic change in them and their relationship, especially in Edilberto. Just a few weeks ago he called us to tell us that he didn't want anything to do with us and the church. He has completely changed and now has the desire to be baptized with his wife. 

Its almost November!!! Crazy how time flies. See you all soon.
-Elder Smith

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