Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Today Edilberto and Rosa got married! That means that they can now get baptized yayyyy! The only problem is that Edilberto has drank alcohol this past week noooo :( Well we'll be downloading a video on the word of wisdom for him. We need to meet with him a lot because we were planing on the baptism for the 29th of this month.

We are having a lot of success in Ixtaltepec. All of our progressing investigators live there so we've been traveling a lot. We get there by taking a bus that costs 10 pesos each, but we always try and get members to take us (so that we have more money for pizza) hehehe. The member that always helps us so much in the work is Doctor GarcĂ­a. He's the mission doctor and he lives in our area! (So don't worry Mom the mission doctor is my neighbor :) He is so awesome because he picks up investigators on Sundays to go to church and whenever he comes with us on splits he buys us a bunch of bread.
It's special bread that you only find in Ixtaltepec. It's delicious and I love ending the day with a tall glass of milk and that bread. Doctor Garcia became the mission doctor because the missionaries would always show up to his clinic when something was wrong with them and Doc Garcia would never charge the missionaries anything. That's why a few years ago he became the official mission doctor. He's also the one who paid the wedding and the party afterwards. He is truly consecrated in the work and he gives everything he has to serve the Lord.
Today was the zone activity and we played soccer and volleyball and ate pizza. It was nice to see President Madsen again because he always updates me on BYU sports ;)
We're hoping for a lot of baptisms here in the coming weeks so keep praying for us! Love you all a bunch.
-Elder Smith

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