Monday, June 8, 2015

Goodbye Elder Erickson, Hola Elder Torres

On to my third change in Violetas! I didn`t change areas which is not a big shock, but Elder Erikson is going home so I got a new compañero. My new compañero is Elder Torres. He`s from Honduras. That`s all I really know about him. We pick him up later today at the bus station at 5:00. Change is scary, but I`m excited to grow and keep progressing as a Missionary. I`m going to have to teach Elder Torres everything about the area and the members and Investigators. It might be a little difficult. Also speaking in Spanish 24/7 will be really good for me, and I will get the language down even quicker. 

This last week was an emotional one with it being Elder Erikson`s last week. Meeting with some of the families here in our area with Elder Erikson for the last time, showed me just how much we as missionaries can touch people. Here in Oaxaca, the missionaries become family with the members because we meet with almost everyone from the ward, weekly. There are some beautiful families and strong, faithful members that I`m going to miss. Before the mission, I didn`t know I was going to feel like that with strangers that don`t even speak English! 

I took a lot of pictures this week with members and families as well as some random things. So if you didn't already know, Oaxacaños love to eat bugs. There is this one type of bug here called Chicatanas. For some reason you can only find them a couple times a year. And whenever they are out, the people go around the streets early in the morning with bags, collecting them like they were strawberries in a strawberry patch. Some people just eat them plain like they found them, but most of them don`t. What they do is remove their wings and blend them up in a blender and make a salsa out of them. I took a picture of the salsa that a sister in the ward made that day from the Chicatanas she collected that morning.
I think the bugs give the salsa a certain flavor and spice to the salsa. It was actually really good! 

My next week will be interesting with my new compañero, so I hope it all goes well and we have a smooth transition. I love hearing from all of you, thanks for writing me! Hasta la proxima semana!

Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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