Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Another week gone. Only 3 more weeks left in this change. I have a feeling this change, I will be changing areas. I don´t know for sure, but that's what I feel. In 3 weeks, the super generation of missionaries will all be going home. About 35 missionaries go home and only 9 or so come in this next change. That means we are going to have a lot less missionaries in the Oaxaca Mission. A lot of changes are going to happen and a lot of areas will be closing. 

Also, President Madsen has mentioned that Senior and Junior companions, for the most part, will no longer exist. The two missionaries in a companionship will have the same responsibilities. Except for trainers and brand new missionaries this will be the protocol. It´s kind of scary to know that I will have a lot more responsibility after this change and in the coming months I will probably be a District or Zone Leader. 

This week we met more crazy people. It´s a daily occurrence here in Oaxaca. One day we were contacting someone at the little outdoor shop and I saw in the corner of my eye a drunk making his way down the street, almost falling on his face each step. I knew he was going to come and talk to us because they always do. He started making his way towards us and are intention was to ignore him and continue talking to the store owner. He walked right up behind Elder Torres and I and put his hands on each of our shoulders and yelled in his slurred Spanish. ¡AQUI ESTÁN DOS ÁNGELES! (Here are two angels!) He went on for about 25 minutes yapping about who knows what in his drunken Spanish. He was super animated with his body and hands motions, so it was pretty hilarious. He demanded that we go to his house with him, so we walked all the way to his door, and then when he went inside his house we bolted it down the street. We had a cita with an investigator at that time too so we decided to leave. 

Also, everyone here that thinks they know a little English always try and talk to me in English when they see me. Sometimes I try and talk to them a bit to humor them, but I find it really annoying. So a lot of times a make a weird face at them and act like I have no idea what they´re saying. Haha I know it´s kind of mean but I think its funny. Today in the District meeting, I gave the closing prayer in English. The Latino missionaries are supposed to learn English as part of the mission, they have a study book and everything. I was asked to pray in English and it was hard! I couldn't think of some words, because all I remembered was the Spanish word for whatever I wanted to say. Five months of speaking Spanish will do that to you I guess.

Thank you for all the prayers! I´m super jealous about the family reunion and the wedding! Haha I hope everything goes perfect!

Hasta la proxima semana,
-Elder Smith

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