Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Week

Hey fam! Another week gone. Nothing very exciting happened this week. We had divisions with the Elders in Huajuapan. Its always fun to work in another area to see new things and meet new people. 

We contacted a lot and we didn't have very much success. This region of Oaxaca is called the Mixteca. Nochixtlan, Tlaxiaco, and Huajuapan are all part of the Mixteca. The Mixteca of Oaxaca is one of the poorest regions in the entire country. There are hundreds of little towns that don't have electricity and I honestly have no idea how they get money other than selling the crops that they grow. The Mixteca is rich in their catholic traditions. It's one of the hardest areas to preach in because their entire lifestyle and culture centers on catholic traditions. It's hard to be a missionary in these parts but I have learned to develop a lot of Christ-like attributes while I've been here. Mostly patience and love for the people here...

The night we were in Huajuapan, we bought 1 kilo of meat Al Pastor. Each of us paid 50 pesos and we each ate a quarter kilo of meat making our own tacos with it. It was the best 50 pesos that I've ever spent :) 

Today Elder Peterson and I went to the offices in Oaxaca to do some Visa Paperwork and afterwards we went to the center of Oaxaca to buy some cool tourist stuff. We got back to Nochixtlan and bought giant sandwiches (Tortas) to eat. It was a successful P-day in my books.

I hope you all keep having a fabulous summer! Enjoy the 90 degree weather :) Its nice and cool here in Nochixtlan.
Con Amor, Elder Smith

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