Friday, July 1, 2016

Chaos of Oaxaca

Hey family! Its been a crazy week.

President Madsen told me that he was able to communicate with you all a little about the situation. Thursday night President called me and told me that he was going to drive me to Nochixtlan and have the zone conference with the zone. It was fun to get a VIP ride in the Honda Pilot :) So we were fine all the way until we got to the bridge to enter Nochixtlan. It was blocked off by these gang members that have been participating in the Chaos of Oaxaca. You can point them out for the handkerchiefs over their mouths that they always have. They're not teachers but they take advantage of the situation to steal and burn things. They told us that we could turn around and take another route through the mountains to enter Nochixtlan.

Sister Madsen took photos and videos of the off roading we did. It was a fun bonding time with the President and his wife :). I was chosen from all the missionaries to be their personal body guard that day. Haha. We finally got there a half an hour later and the road entering Nochixtlan. It was a scene from The Walking Dead. There are burnt out trucks, buses and semis all over the road. Its literally a maze that you have to swerve around to get by. A week has passed by and the mess is all still there.

Monday through Thursday I was in Oaxaca with Elder Perez in Yagul! It was fun to see everyone that I grew to love in that area. There was a baptism of a Angel who just turned 8 so we were able to go to his baptism. I ate more chicatanas too! The giant flying ant things. 

Now I'm in Oaxaca waiting for my new companion, Elder Peterson. He´s coming from Huatulco and he's supposed to get her around 5 o'clock. Hopefully we can get back to Nochixtlan because we've heard rumors that its going to get ugly again tomorrow. Who knows, but as long as we stay away from the dangerous parts we´ll be safe. 

The work continues amidst the chaos here in Oaxaca! Love you all. Have a great week!
-Elder Smith

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