Monday, July 25, 2016


We went to the Guelaguetza today! It is one of the biggest cultural events in all of Mexico and it happens once a year here in Oaxaca. It takes place in this sweet dome structure in Oaxaca and its a show of traditional dances from Oaxaca. It was pretty cool.  My favorite dances were the Pineapple Flower dance and the feather dance. You might just have to look it up to figure out what I'm talking about haha. 

Elder Peterson and I have been dead tired from walking so much this past week. One day this week we had to walk about 4 miles to our food appointment. This young couple just moved out of their parents home, and chose to build their house in the middle of nowhere. So we had to walk there and back and we suffered a little bit. It was tougher on the way back. After eating with the members here you are so full afterwards that it is nearly impossible to move at all. I'm really surprised that I haven't gained weight on the mission. We also found a wild donkey. All the donkeys are usually hooked up to a rope or something. But this one was just roaming around. Elder Peterson was going to try riding it home, but it started to rain really hard and it ran away :( 

We had a really spiritual lesson with Karina this week. She is ready to get baptized, but she is scared to ask her dad for permission again. (Previously he said no when other missionaries were teaching her.) We watched the Joseph Smith restoration video. It had been a while since I had shed tears while testifying during a lesson, but I couldn't hold the tears back during that lesson. We testified and promised her that if she really believed all of this, and if she asked her Dad in faith, then he would give her permission to be baptized. Her goal for baptism is August 6th. It will truly be a miracle if it all works out. 

I know that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the gospel. After feeling what I felt during that lesson, my testimony was reaffirmed once again of our message of the restored gospel. 

Have a fabulous and fun week! Catch some monster fish and eat a Stromboli for me at Mr.Pibs :) 

Les Amo,

Elder Smith

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