Monday, July 11, 2016


Hey family and loved ones! This week definitely had its ups and downs. This might be the most tired I have been after a week. Which is a good thing because that's how you know you worked hard! We spent everyday walking miles and miles in the hot sun. I got pretty burnt...I know I should use sunscreen more often...

We found a few new families this week that are letting us teach them! One of the families is made up of 7 little kids. The oldest is 14 and the youngest is 6. That is not a very wide age span for 7 kids...but I absolutely love these kids. At the first lesson with them I asked if I could take a picture with their pig. They said yes and suddenly each one of them ran to find an animal to bring into the picture.
So in the picture you can find about 3 puppies, a chicken and a pig. Hahaha they also all want to participate so bad during the lessons. When we ask them a question during the lesson they all shoot their arms up to give an answer. And even when we don't ask a question they always want to make a comment. But they're very polite so they don't say their answer or comment until we call on them. They are the cutest kids ever. 

Today we went to explore a cave that was nearby with the Elders in our district. The trail (if you can call it that) to get to the cave was actually some of the most intense hiking (more like rock climbing) that I've ever done in my life.
It was actually really dangerous but were protected so don't worry mom. :)(mom rolls eyes) It was a really fun experience. We heard that this cave was where the king would hide out in or something. I guess it was the king of the people that lived here hundreds of years ago. Some lamanite king is what I was imagining. We were told that there was gold there but we found nothing :(
What we did find was an old arrowhead that seems like it's made out of obsidian. That was the cool find of the day, as well as some broken pieces of old pottery. I felt like those guys on that digger show on the history channel. 

Keep having an awesome summer! Ill be with you guys for the next one. Love you all!

-Elder Smith

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